Monday, October 17, 2011

October you have been so good to me

.... And it isn't over yet.

So recentlyI started my new job thanks to my cousin Natalie ( over @ ) And I must say it has been good to me so far....

My weekend started at 4:01 Fridays (lol)  Its something they have at my job after a big project, and I must say I can use to it...

Chips, Sals and Dos Equis

So  Natalie decided to go grab herself a beer  NEW CASTLE a sweeter beer

Headed to The Taste of Soul

Saturday we headed out to the Taste of Soul in Los Angeles
Off Crenshaw blvd. Between King and Rodeo
This Street was packed from end to end, with people, soul food, art work and performers.

It was a little to crowded for us so we walk a around for a bit grabbed a bite to eat catfish and some fries (so yummy) and headed on out

After the Taste Of Soul we head out to the Saban Theatre on Wilshire blvd.
for a FREE taping of Chocalate Sundaes w/ Tony Davidson

A Night full Of laughs...


  1. Had a ton of fun girl, it was hilarious! Esp w/ some Remy on ice!

  2. looks like a gr8 time! and that food in the first pic looks good! LoL