Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year: Fresh Start

I didn't get into too much on NYE me & my cousin Natalie (over at ) chilled at her spot got us a bottle and some wingstop & we were knocked out before 12 a.m. lol
But with us fully rested we were able to enjoy New Years day so I treated her to lunch in LB we really didnt have idea of where were going to eat so we broused 2nd street and came across this cute little French/ Bohemian Cafe, Le Creperie Cafe Bohemian Bistro & Bar. The food was delish.

Appetizer was delish :: Crepe Vendome

As you can see we enjoyed it along with our Peach and Mango Mimosa's (delish)
I enjoyed the crepe so much I decided to get another one but this I got a Al Mare with

Jumbo shrimp, sun-dried & plum tomatoes, wild mushrooms, shallots & mozzarella cheese in a lobster basil cream sauce & she got a Salmon Salad Nicoise.

after lunch we took walk around the neighboorhood

top : H&M
pants: ZARA
bag: H&M
after walked our lunch off  we headed over to Rocky Mountain Chocolate, I love there candied apples they are to die for....
2 candied appples to go please

It was gone by the time I got home.



Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Post : Clinique, Essie, & Sephora

About a week ago me and my cousin took a long lunch and did a lilttle shopping South Coast Plaza we hit up H&M, Zara, Macy's, and Sephora
I had been wanting to try this product ever since it came out.
& I must say I love it. My cousin Natalie over at loves it she had been using the make up.

Toffee is my color, medium coverage. I love the way it feels on my skin =)
I have been obsessed with dark colors for the past few weeks esp. this green "going igcognito" from ESSIE

I've been wanting to try a HOTT pink. So I pink up a high pigment gloss and a stick.

This is steal I was in desperate need of some of some black eyeliner and my cousin spotted this deal for me right at the counter original $40 value for $11 can't beat that...

Hope every one is having a great week